1. Die EXTREME:WARHAMMER XP-SAVE Server Regeln (Server Rules)

Die EXTREME:WARHAMMER XP-SAVE Server Regeln (Server Rules)

Rules Ingame : Open Console and press     /rules   and   /website for more Information

1. Respect all Admin & Players !,

2.2 Please use our forum for questions , critics / opinions or ban appeals,

3. No trickjumping for objective! !,

4. Cheating , hacking = Permaban,

5. Advertising is not allowed!,

6. Don't spam on main chat! Spamming is annoying and useless.,

7. No Rasism! Include religion, culture and color of skin. You will get mute, kick or even get ban, if you will break this rule ( without warning) ,

8. Try to use english language on mainchat and teamchat! German language is allowed too.,

9. Spawncamping is not allowed,

10. Spawnkill is allowed

11. Please watch your fire and don't shoot your teammates with heavy weapons,

12. Please watch your words ( abusings, crying or politically incorrect comments are not welcome )