Seemingly you have been banned or kicked from a server, otherwise you would not read this post, right?
Please bear in mind that the Splatterladder (short: SL) has nothing to do with bans, kicks or other actions from any server!

What is the SL then?
One is quite for sure, the SL does not control any servers. The SL can not contact any serveradmin or annihilate any bans because it is not its property.
If you did not recognize so far, the SL tracks servers and its players and calculates their statistics.

What is the SL not?
- Serveradmin
- Serverpolice
- Punkbuster
- ...

What can I do against my ban?
Contact the respective serveradmin!
Most servers have some 'in-game announcements' where you can find out the webpage URL of the clan/server operator running that server and submit your request.
Or you can search the sl.-database using this link. A lot of servers have a 'support-url', like this one (see last line). You may contact a responsible person there.

The SL has nothing to do with bans or such things!
The SL just monitores the servers and collects data, nothing more!